Tourism Prince George Ambassador Training

Putting our best foot forward

Share your love for our community through this interactive, fun, and insightful course.
Two people exploring dinosaur exhibit in The Exploration Place

Our Ambassadors

You'll lead the way in providing incredible visitor experiences and gracious welcomes to our community

  • Speak with confidence about a wide variety of things to do, places to visit, and where to eat when communicating with visitors

  • Share your pride in our community as a designated ambassador through your work, volunteer activities and at civic events

  • Access up to date calendar of events, regional tools, and resources with ease.

  • Earn a certificate of completion and display your accomplishment

Course curriculum

    1. Course Welcome & Introduction

    2. Tourism Impact Module

    3. Introduce Yourself

    4. Let's Create Lasting Impressions

    5. Perspective

    6. Greeting Visitors

    7. Four Greeting Techniques

    8. Small Talk for Visual Learners

    9. Small Talk Examples

    10. Small Talk Exercise

    11. Familiarity

    12. Starting Familiarity Interactions

    13. Familiarity in a Tourist Setting

    14. Familiarity Exercise

    15. Commonality

    16. Commonality Exercise

    17. Orientation

    18. Non-Verbal Best Practices

    19. When To Greet Visitors

    1. Creating Great Experiences Module

    2. Keep Exploring

    3. Best Western Plus

    4. Be Adventurous

    5. Huble Homestead

    6. Tourism Prince George Website

    7. Experience Guide Exercise

    8. Adventure Experiences

    9. Things To Do

    10. Explore Things To Do

    11. What's Your Favorite

    12. Our Culture & History

    13. Learn More About Culture & History

    14. Trench Brewing & Distilling

    15. Where To Eat

    16. Grub

    17. Know What's Up

    18. The Event Calendar

    19. Knowing Where To Go

    20. Congratulations!

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